Give your egg what it deserves before you bash its head in!

Looking for an eclectic birthday gift, a personalised wedding present or just that special something for a friend?

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Apoplexy`s Handcraft & Egg Cosy Onlineshop
your secret source for those unique woolly gifts!

From warm winter scarves to knitted key fobs to our signature surgeon's egg cosy ...
Apoplexy has a selection of over 250 unusual creative gifts to "ball" you over.
Each of our gifts is custom made and absolutely unique!

Check out our best-sellers: Our popular egg cosies guarantee fun and surprised smiles! Choose and order your personal favourite, customized to suit the occasion or profession of the lucky recipient.
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Using unique knitting expertise and craft ideas, Apoplexy guarantees you instant hits at any party: every character is specially created for you, painstakingly hand-knitted and decorated with many lovely details.

Prepare to be impressed with colourful wool creations and bright ideas!

Even your breakfast egg will make eyes at you! Frühstuecksei


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Only at
the "Tara la Luna" Burlesque- egg cosy
Egg cosy Tara la Luna
You will find Tara la Luna as Burlesque- egg cosy by using the search box on the left, just enter "Burlesque" and search for the item.

By courtesy of Tara la Luna • Heroine Artists
Photos: © Harald Kirsch | Pantheon theatre Bonn

© by Apoplexy

Only at
"Magic Man"- egg cosy

Only at
the "René Marik- mole"
View mole egg cosy
View egg cosy "Rapante Rapante- mole"
By courtesy of René Marik
© by Apoplexy

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Press report: "If the breakfast egg will make eyes at you!"
enlarge picture

Published on 13th. August 2014
"Egg cosies as little work of arts" in Rhein Erft Rundschau

Creativ- competition 2014:
Funny Eggs
fast crocheted egg cosies

Fast crocheted egg cosies:
reativ- competition from
LUDWIG BECK, haberdashery & Wool in Munich

Egg cosies on TV
©11 WDR NRW Duell

Egg cosies at Bernd Stelter´s quiz show:
Transmission time: 13th. April 2011 at NRW Duell, WDR

Easter press report: "Prominent persons at the breakfast-
enlarge picture ©

Published on Easter 2011
at Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Radio transmission
Radio Wuppertal

Webtime with Michael Brockordt from February 26, 2007
Listen to the broadcast on radio

Newspaper article about Apoplexy
"Knitting as a stress-buster: rediscover crafts!"

TV broadcast about Apoplexy
© 08 WDR Lokalzeit Köln

"Euro Championship mascot - Cologne knitting expert creates Lukas Podolski by order of WDR"
Date of broadcast: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 at WDR, Lokalzeit Köln 19:30- 20 p.m.

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Apoplexy`s breakfast egg cosies
breakfast egg cosies

above 250 items are obtainable:
... made by me, myself & I

Easter press report: "Karolina Ded is knitting passionate - for example funny egg cosies"
enlarge picture ©

Published on Easter 2009
at the magazin of Kölnischen Rundschau

Culture at a dead end
South of Cologne

Egg cosies- LIVE:
Exhibition at "Culture at a dead end" 2008: Saturday 06. and Sunday 07. of September